Pick n Place Machine

Pick n Place machineRecently I found myself needing to populate 4 layer printed circuit boards with tiny 0402 sized surface mount components and leadless integrated circuits.  Although for prototyping it is just about possible to solder these by hand, a less frustrating, less error prone approach is to use solder paste and a solder reflow oven, which also provides a much tidier, more robust result.  However, having equiped myself with a reflow oven (subject of another project), I discovered that populating solder pasted boards with closely packed 0402 components to be almost impossible, at least for me.  Bit of a panic

Motorcycle - Turn Indicator Running Lights - Circuit

Motorcycle safety depends a lot on being seen. So almost any method of improving visibility will reduce the chances of a crash with other road users. One of the most common causes of crashes is vehicles pulling out of a side turning in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Headlights of course help, but it has been found that a broader spread of lights helps human stereoscopic vision to much better judge speed and distance than a single oncoming spot.  One method of providing much more visible front lighting is to convert turn indicators into running lights when they aren't being used to signal a change in direction.  Since I have been using such a system, no vehicles have mistakenly pulled out in front of my machine. The circuit below is the one that I have been using, recently modified to accommodate some new led, front turn indicators.

Robust Led Outdoor Lights

Fed up with cheap sOutdoor led lightolar lights needing to be replaced every year and inspired by the wonderful efforts of a fellow inventor George, I decided to design and construct my own led garden lights.

The materials were to be readily available and cheap! With the potential to scale up production if required, to supply friends, neighbours and who knows who!

Rather than solar, which involves batteries and can be complex to extend, I decided that the lights were to be powered from the mains driving a low voltage supply.